Robin Martijn

Rotterdam, Netherlands


I am a young developer focusing on smart and efficient solutions. I am trying to make the world around me a smarter and better place by combining the power of engineering and people.


I prefer to work in C, but I am also a contributer of V. I can create applications with Java when needed but I handle my data with Python and R. Most of my projects contain Arduino's or NodeMCU's and I can handle myself in web projects, especially using PHP and MySQL.


V: A low level programming language with high level structure that I help maintain.

R and ggplot: Brexit polls. According to my visualizations, there was no ground for a Brexit.

R and ggplot: Titanic demographics. What is the impact of wealth, sex and age really on the survival chance?

Java: extremely-simple-snake-with-bugs-or-as-i-call-it-opportunities. This was my first Java project, learning me about data structures.

C: simple-tcp-server. This TCP-server is now being developed as a UDP client for another project in collaboration with another great developer: Niek van Leeuwen


The easiest way to reach me is to shoot me a message: